18” Single Wire Mesh Tray



When considering office furniture, just having the seating and the desks is never enough. For a workplace to look professional, files, folders, and wires need to be stored neatly, so your workplace reflects nicely on your clients. For workplaces that incorporate the use of wires and have an intricate network, having a place to neatly store these wires for both visual appeal and organization is very important. In case a wire needs to be accessed later, using this wire mesh tray by OfficeSource can save a lot of time. Bundled up wires behind desks and near walls are the worst nightmare for someone who wants to portray a good work environment. Unless the wires are neatly placed and covered, they could destroy the aesthetics of a work place. Invest in this wire mesh tray for your office furniture so your workplace stays clean and organized for employees and visitors.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.