18” Power Trough with Cover



Electricity shortfalls and damaged cables cause more harm to your office equipment and management budget than anything else. The heavier the cables are, the greater the chances for damage. Unfortunately, the heavy cables left on floors become a tripping hazard, and are also equally dangerous for your healthy office environment. This 18” power trough with a cover is an economical choice for securing the heavy cables and enabling them to withstand electricity fluctuation. The Greenguard certification makes this power trough an ideal choice for a safer and healthier indoor office. The simple and trendy design of this 18” power trough is customized for easier installation on or under the tabletop. Its heavy duty metal construction is finished with a black color. The glossy finish gives an appealing charm to your office décor, and bodes well with all varieties in office designs. This 18” power trough is available with a cover for protecting the cables on all sides. The heat-resistant material protects the cables from fire or other related damages. Use the leveling guides included for convenient installation according to your requirement.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.